WoSign: Free 2y multi-domain SSL certificate (SAN/UCC)

Chinese CA WoSign issues free multi-domain SSL certificates valid for 2 years.

Free SSL certificates? - That's old news...

Since many years we have the great free StartSSL certificates. They are valid for one year and include both the domain and the www subdomain.
Since October 2014 another free option for enabling HTTPS on your website is CloudFlare, where you don't get the key yourself but use their free CDN to terminate SSL connections.
Starting in mid 2015 we will have Let's Encrypt, a free certificate authority issuing certificates automatically via a script on the webserver.
There is CaCert as well, but since they never passed an audit and they are not included in any important certificate store by default they are unfortunately not an option.

New player: Chinese WoSign

So now there is another option: The Chinese CA WoSign offers free SSL certificates which are valid for 2 years and may contain up to 100 domains each (multi-domain/SAN/UCC) which is very useful to host various domains on one single IP address (Better option than SNI if you still have Windows XP clients). Before you stop reading because you don't trust a Chinese company for your website encryption please keep in mind that you don't have to trust them at all! You generate the SSL key on your server and only send them the CSR (certificate signing request) which doesn't contain any private information.

How to get the certificate

As of February 10, the order process is finally available in English as well, so no quirky Chinese-to-English translation necessary anymore.

Further notes on WoSign:

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